The Family, Friends & Neighbors Caregiver Network (FFN) supports community members who care for young children ages 0–5 in their homes.

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Childcare and Pre-K options in Forsyth County extend past public and private options. As our families go to work, many care for young children at home or prefer to leave them with family members or individuals that they trust.

This is such an important time in a child’s life, where brain development and socio-emotional learning is at an all-time high, and we want our Family, Friends, & Neighbors Caregiver Network to know about supports offered to them in Forsyth County.

Supports for FFN care

Child Care Resource Center (offered in English and Spanish)

Child Care Resource Center
(offered in English and Spanish)

CCRC offers child care resources, referrals, training and education for child care providers, families and businesses.

Contact: Rémona Ramsey-Brooks 336.245.4900 Ext. 1007

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Imprint Cares (offered in English and Spanish)

Imprints Cares (offered in English and Spanish)

Imprints Cares is an early childhood education nonprofit that supports children and their families from prenatal into middle school.

English Contact: Angel Conrad 336.955.2110

Spanish Contact: Maria Stockton 336.713.9743

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Latino Community Services (offered in English and Spanish)

Latino Community Services
(offered in English and Spanish)

Latino Community Services is a non-profit that works alongside Latino families to fulfill their educational and economic potential, building hope for a positive and healthy future.

Contact: Odette Yambó Sánchez (336) 924-0401 |

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Learning resources

Find critical information about screenings, health & safety, kindergarten preparation, support groups and more, as well as access to resources and activities that support a child’s socio-emotional development.

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Basic supports

If you or someone you know needs access to food, housing, transportation, medical care, or other types of supports, the following links can guide you/them to resources that are closest.

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Advocacy for families

Research has demonstrated that the majority of children in Forsyth County, over 70%, are served outside the formal licensed child care system, in Family, Friends, & Neighbors (FFN) care. Read the attached report to learn more about FFN care, the prevalence of FFN nationally and in North Carolina, as well as a summary of research and best practices in supporting FFN providers.

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