Advocacy for families

Supporting critical childcare infrastructure

The Family, Friends and Neighbors Network is a critical part of the childcare infrastructure that ensures families can go to work and contribute to their sustainability, as well as our community. Our community awareness and support of the FFN Caregiver Network can go a long way in strengthening outcomes for children.

FFN care report

Research has demonstrated that the majority of children in Forsyth County, over 70%, are served outside the formal licensed child care system, in Family, Friends, & Neighbors (FFN) care. Read the attached report to learn more about FFN care, the prevalence of FFN nationally and in North Carolina, as well as a summary of research and best practices in supporting FFN providers.

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Equity work

A culturally conscious and inclusive childcare system

The Family, Friends & Neighbors Caregiver Network serves families who believe that the best and safest place for their child is in arms of a trusted person they know and/or who shares their culture, as well as many families for whom the childcare system doesn’t meet their needs, doesn’t have enough infrastructure, or whose cost is unaffordable. Whether through choice or necessity, the FFN Caregiver Network is an essential part of caring for children and families.

“I felt like she [FFN provider] was always there to support us if we had to drop off the kids earlier, it was just very warm and very responsive to the needs of my children and the needs of my family. And it was such a positive experience.”
Parent Focus Group Participant